"It may be stormy now but it can never rain forever"


Nobody knows how much words hurt. Nobody knows how much one person saying “youre ugly” or “youre fat” can change youre life forever. You call someone fat and then can turn anorexic. Call someone ugly and they will try doing their hair and makeup real nice, trying to look pretty so they wont get picked on again. You may think it is a little remark, nothing wrong with it because it made people laugh and made you feel good about yourself. But its not big, hard or clever to bully others. You have no idea what they have gone through and what is happening in their life at the moment. Millions of people commit suicide and self harm. By one comment, a life could end. It could push them over the edge. Unless you want to be a murderer, the reason for someones death bullying should stop. People focus on people like Amanda Todd where it was so obvious she was getting bullied but many people dont see people getting bullied. They put on a fake smile and act ok but inside theyre dying and thats why, when you see someone on their own or secretly crying in a corner you should stand up, ask them if theyre alright and then be a friend and support them through anything theyre going through. You never know, they could of been about to commit suicide and you could have saved them. You can save them.